The Vision

Bauma Group aims at becoming a prominent group of versatile companies specializing in many industry and business fields that provide (and shall provide) (outstanding, best quality, highly reliable, highly efficient, very cost effective / value for money) ICT (Information Communication Technology), industrial, commercial, consumer, retail, healthcare, hospitality, F&B (Food and Beverage), entertainment, education, transportation, energy and saving energy (green technology), coal and other minerals, oil and gas, printing products and services, data center services, smart card & RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card systems, mobile and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, applications, systems and solutions, real property, agro/farming and many other products, and/or goods, and/or services, and/or solutions that are (and shall be) of its great interest from time to time.

Bauma Group's ultimate goal targeted to be realized at its 60th Year Anniversary in the Year 2040 :

The Mission

By 2040, Bauma Group shall have fully materialized the ultimate goal to the fullest.

Company Strategy & Policy

Bauma Group is very much interested in doing business with many reliable and leading companies or persons in Indonesia and many other countries worldwide that produce / manufacture / develop and shall produce / manufacture / develop for Bauma Group and supply / provide and shall supply / provide it with their various kinds of products, goods, services and solutions that are and shall be related to the business of the respective specialized Bauma Companies from time to time. Bauma Group prefers to use its own Intellectual Properties (trademarks/servicemarks and/or patents and/or copyrights and/or industrial designs etc) in the producing / manufacturing / developing / selling of the products and goods and in the providing of the services and solutions to its customers.

Bauma Company(ies) are also very much interested in acting as Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Value Added Resellers, System Integrators and System Solution Providers for various kinds of leading products, goods, services and solutions in Indonesia and many other assigned countries world wide, solely by using the respective Principal Manufacturer's own brandnames, trademarks and servicemarks, if according to the respective Bauma Company(ies), it will be more profitable to do so under the specific market and circumstance.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group and all its people should
(i) be very focused in its business,
(ii) be very competent and professional in conducting its business,
(iii) treat all its good people fairly according to Bauma Group's Business Conduct & Company General and Specific Regulations and
(iv) always be free, independent and non partisan and never represent himself/herself/any Bauma Company/ Bauma Group and/or be involved or want to be involved in any active politics/political party(ies)/extreme mass, social, or religious organizations/terrorist acts/riot(s)/violent street demonstration(s)/ provocation of religious, ethnic, racial or sectarian prejudice or hatred, in Indonesia and all other countries worldwide for any cause or reason whatsoever, directly or indirectly, officially or unofficially, voluntarily or involuntarily, actively or passively, knowingly or unknowingly, commercially or non commercially.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group should be lean in its company's structure and work force, simple in its bureaucracy, highly disciplined, productive and efficient in executing its operation.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group should become or attempt to become the very best company in its field in terms of customer satisfaction although it does not have to be always No.1 in terms of market share in Indonesia or any other specific market or territory.
Its top priority should be to make itself a professional, profitable and solid company in order to guarantee its survival, existence, healthy growth and great future and therefore be in the position to secure the investment and satisfy the interest of its Shareholders, Customers, Bankers, Principal Manufacturers or Suppliers.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group should give its good customers who always pay, and pay on time, its best price and service and should do anything possible to retain and maintain their loyalty to any and all Bauma Companies and Bauma Group without having to sacrifice or jeopardize the reputation and interest of the respective Bauma Company and Bauma Group. It should also expand, maintain and update its customer base consistently from time to time.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group should always nurture and retain its good people in its workforce without having to become hostage by, or be too much dependant on, them. Although each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group has always strongly believed that people are its No.1 asset, it also and always believe that the case does truly apply only to the good ones.